Nuvectra is dedicated to providing world-class customer service for both our physicians and our patients. The Nuvectra® Connect team provides reimbursement assistance to physicians with personalized pre-authorization support service. Our experienced staff provides in-depth support for the following:

  • Pre-authorization for both trial and permanent procedures
  • Appeals
  • Facility and equipment fees
  • Reimbursement billing, coding, and coverage
  • Patient benefit investigations

The Nuvectra® Connect team has a variety of custom reimbursement and pre-authorization resources to suit your needs, including letters of medical necessity and coding reference guides. Our team is here to help physicians and patients have access to quality support and resources.

Reimbursement Guides

Pre-authorization Support

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The Nuvectra® Connect team looks forward to working with you and providing you with the pre-authorization and reimbursement support that you need. For any questions you may have, please dial 1-844-727-7897 or contact us via email.

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